Banish Mum BURN OUT in less than 10 mins/day..

with the help of a

Clinical Psychologist

(without breaking the bank)



Banish Mum BURN OUT in less than 10 mins/day...

with the help of a

Clinical Psychologist

(without breaking the bank)


Banish Mum BURN OUT in less than 10 mins/day...

with the help of a

Clinical Psychologist

(without breaking the bank)



Being a mum is amazing…but it’s also ridiculously HARD!

EVERY DAY we are doing a thousand jobs that our tiny humans and whole family rely on…

▶ Surviving those crazy school mornings just trying to get the kids out the door ON TIME…

▶ Dealing with the tantrums and meltdowns that happen at the MOST inconvenient times 

▶ Taking the kids to sports and dance classes (because all the other moms do that, right?)

▶ Scratching your head weekly about what to pack for lunch because you’ve been giving them jam sandwiches this whole week and you feel a bit rubbish about it

▶ Wiping cute but snotty little noses and scraped knees and cleaning sheets when there’s been a little night wee

▶ Keeping them clean, showered, shampooed and sparkly in the teeth domain (miracle land)

▶ Helping them with their homework when it’s way past bedtime and they remembered something  

▶ Volunteering for market days and canteen and being at the assemblies and sports carnivals so you don’t miss out on their school life

▶ Dealing with sleepless nights when they are sick (or not sick!)

▶ Doing the never-ending laundry…

▶ Grocery shopping

▶ Meal prepping…

▶ Dinner making...

▶ Kitchen cleaning..

▶ Dishwashing...

…and the list goes on, and on, on.

Now add to it the extra fluffy family members, dog walking, kitty litter cleaning, pet feeding…

Or if you're a "working outside the house too mum"...heavy workloads, project deadlines and work-related STRESS...

And when it’s time to finally go to bed so that you can stretch your legs and grab a few hours of sleep before your baby wakes up for a night feed …

You’re reminded that you also have a PARTNER who needs your attention, time and love.

But it feels like any further "action" at this point is a burden..

Because let’s be honest...

You don’t have the time for yourself... let alone your partner, right?

All this hustling, running, spinning of the wheels, trying to be the perfect mum, perfect wife, perfect employee...

is overwhelming, right?

Especially when we barely have any alone time...even a stay in a hospital feels like a vacation (I'm guilty of this one - nothing like a minor day surgery to soar my spirits - a bed to sleep in alone, tea and a sandwich which I didn't make ....bliss).


Here's the thing...

Parent burnout is very real.

And it affects more people in your home than just YOU.

You’re the pillar of your family and your family wellbeing largely depends on you..

So when you’re constantly overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated…

It affects you, but it also affects your friendships, your marriage, your work and your kids. 

When you are in this state, it feels a bit like you’re on a ship, at the whim of the ocean currents of everyday circumstances…

And you never know if you are going to be thrown left or right…or how big the next wave is going to be so its hard to plan and feel like your on top of it all.

It gets tiring.

It gets exhausting.

It gets confusing.

How many times have you asked yourself ...

▶ "What the actual is happening right now?"

▶ "How did my life end up looking like this?"

▶ "Why can't I get myself together?"

▶ "Am I seriously failing at something as "natural" as being a mum?"

I know what you are feeling and I promise...

you are not alone in these thoughts. 

The truth is...

It's NOT your fault that you feel this way!

The demands of our modern life have put a TON of pressure on mums around the globe.  Trying to raise responsible, sufficient  human beings, take care of the family, pitch in to pay the bills coupled with sleep deprivation, constant worry about the kids future and work-related stress... to name a few things we juggle..

it's no wonder so many mums feel burned out and overwhelmed!

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Here's the thing.. 

you are a good mum...

and you genuinely want what’s best for your kids.

As moms, we want them to grow up in a happy, fun and peaceful home, full of laughter and happy memories...

Unfortunately, no one teaches us about the gritty side of mum life or the crazy demands of modern day parenting ...

or how to deal with this

❌ No one workshops the stressors with us, or helps us to understand what these stressors do to us and what to do about them. 

❌ No one teaches us that this stuff happens to everyone and there are ways to cope.

❌ No one gives us the roadmap to raising our little ones with joy, happiness and fulfillment as a woman where we exist as much as they do ... in balance.

We’re left to figure that one out on our own. 

Mums have not been taught about parent burnout, how to avoid it or how to be a happy mother and a happy “me” at the same time. 

So it’s no wonder we feel like we have no idea what we’re doing...because we were never shown and so we try and be all things to all humans and we BURN OUT !

The Cold  Hard Truth is... 

if you don't start taking steps towards managing and healing your burnout and overwhelm...

things can get a lot worse and can lead to more serious complications like anxiety and depression which are harder to come back from.

What's more...

burnout, ongoing overwhelm and living out of balance starts to affect other areas of your life too:

Your primary relationships can suffer because you just have nothing left to give and from this place its easy to resent anyone needing anything from you.

▶  Your health can suffer and you notice those headaches are becoming more regular, one glass of wine every now and then is now three, evening snacks are the new normal and your waistline is saying so.

▶  Your kids can also be affected as they feel the loss of connection, and little tears in the fabric of your relationship appear.  

These things require a much deeper, more intentional approach to fixing the problem. And its possible to avoid this if you stop the burnout bus! 


Because you’re here, on this page…

it means that you are actually ready to take the necessary steps to heal things and prevent further damage.

It shows that you want to change the way you feel and how you are living.

That you want to be a happier and more fulfilled mum and have thriving relationships with your kids in the happy home that you deserve. 

I get it.  I was there.

I remember those distressing thoughts and distressing days. I was so grateful when I found the tools that actually worked and lifted me out of the cycle of stress and fatigue.

You are  not alone, I know because over the decades working in this field I have heard this story in 1000 different versions, all with accompanying feelings of terrible pain and defeat. 

It can be so hard and so sore. 

And that is why I am on a mission to put real tools in your hand. 

I am determined about offering more than just knowledge, but real transformation ! 

The saddest thing I see, is mums not stopping and making the changes they need.  They white knuckle it through another week, another month, another year and they slip further and further into dissatisfaction.

This in turn becomes a storm of guilt, sorrow and unhealthy self soothing (waaaaay too much wine, food, social media, tv,  - can you relate at all)

And ... this slippery slope just happens, silently in the background, leaving us in self limiting beliefs, exhaustion and hopelessness.

This, dear mums as I say, is not a singular story, this is one that I hear every day from mums in my Psychology Clinic and the suffering that goes with each of these stories is heartbreaking. 

If you only ever pour out and you never pour back in, then you eventually become stuck and hollowed out. It’s not your fault, it just happens, from pushing too hard and soldiering on for too long, but once the balance is lost, so are you! 


And here’s the thing...this can all too easily turn into a storm of guilt, strong emotions and unhealthy self soothing (waaaaay too much wine, food, social media, tv, right?)

And ... this slippery slope happens so fast. The worst part is that this path ends up in nasty beliefs, exhaustion and hopelessness.

This, dear mums is not a singular story, this is one that I hear every day from mums in my Psychology Clinic and the suffering that goes with each of these stories is heartbreaking. 

You see, if you only ever pour out and you never pour back in, then you eventually become stuck and hollowed out. It’s not your fault, it usually happens from really good intentions but once the balance is lost, so are you! 

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So if at this point you are nodding at the screen, then you know

Something has to change

So, where do you start?

Here's what happens... 

We know we need some help ....

But trying to DIY it with endless google searches, vents with your girlfriends in hopes of a solution, or seeking out advice on podcasts only gets you so far (and often more confused). 

Because a lot of the information out much as it is meant from a good place .... not grounded in science or psychology and it’s not coming from trained professionals.

It is easy to find a “band-aid” solution or a quick tip on something or other but what we need is deep and lasting transformation.  We need a system that goes to our core and works with the mind, heart, brain and behaviour to give us the transformation our lives and parenting needs, transformation that will actually stick and bring calm, joy and fun back to motherhood

You need a SYSTEM  -

You need concrete bite sized steps that are based on SOLID principles and work in an organized way to get you from pain and overwhelm to freedom, peace and joy!




The Happy Mum Roadmap



The Happy Mum Roadmap




The Happy Mum Roadmap

Mom Roadmap (1)

This hand crafted system is a  6-week, “no frills” roadmap that delivers the best gold nuggets of psychology in an easy to understand and use way that’s Mummish (yes, I just made up a word, that's what we mums do, we improvise if we must to get the job done 😉) so that you can

heal parent burnout and restore your connection with your child

secure balance in the pillars that make you up as woman so that you can show up well daily 

feel joy and confidence in your parenting so that you are no longer stuck feeling like you are messing everything up

✅ stop feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and learn how to become the best mum and the best YOU that you can be! Everybody wins!

"Your family and children will definitely reap the benefits."

Jarvis - Oh How I ❤️ Thee (1) Marguerite you have made this course so enjoyable. Like most mums I'm time poor but I was able to at least spend half an hour a day on this (but like you said 5 mins is enough). You have packed so much good information into this short course, the information is so concise, to the point & easy to understand. It doesn't matter how old your child is, this course will help you to understand yourself so much more and feel better about yourself. Your family and children will definitely reap the benefits. 

Alli Y, Australia


Backed by Science 

The Happy Mom Roadmap is as seen in

Grounded in science and psychology, this system is a solid road map to help mums like you achieve peace, calm, happiness and genuine joy without the burnout...

    without the guilt and without the frustration. 


And it's not just about you...

You know that when you’re happy and healthy, your family is too. 

There are huge benefits to being in healthy balance; from this positive space, true joy and calm can blossom. This means immense quality of life for both you AND your family. 

When we show up authentically this way EVERY SINGLE DAY and lead by example, the sky is the limit. This is what it means to live a full thriving life! 

This is what you will learn to implement in The Happy Mum Roadmap!

Check Out The Transformations From These Mums: 

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"I was blown away at the gold contained within this course"

As a clinical psychologist and mum of 3, I was blown away at the gold contained within this course! Every mum should gift this course to themselves. Marguerite speaks to the heart of
what every mum needs whilst providing practical action steps along the way.  So so so worth it!

Gerda M, Australia

"I am so grateful that you made psychological advice so easily accessible and presented it with warmth, authenticity and encouragement"

"The way you share your personal stories to explain concepts is so normalizing and makes change more real and achievable for everyone. I especially loved the modules on emotions and how to change your thinking!" 

Elizabeth P, Australia

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Testimonial 1 (13) (1)

"My family loves this happier version of me!"

It is just so good to be having fun again and my family loves this happier version of me! Thank you for this course! It's good to be "home" in my true self!

Natalie R, South Africa

"Some of the self-discovery in this course was actually quite a shock!"

"...but in a good way, as I am learning to look at deep stuff in a loving and uncritical way.  I am learning to treat myself more kindly" Corne, South Africa

Corne F, South Africa


Take it from mums who have done this course, you can actually experience freedom and results just like they did. 

You owe it to yourself and your children to live your
best possible mum life.



Marguerite Schultz

B.A. Psych. (Hons), MCounselPsy, MClinPsy, MAPS FCCLP

 In this course, Marguerite Schultz, Clinical Psychologist and mum of three boys, reveals the latest user friendly Psychology tips and resources that she has used with hundreds of mums to help them achieve peace, calm, happiness and genuine joy, so that they can step out of frustration, emptiness, and overwhelm and step into peace, joy and calm in a house that runs with both fun and purpose. 

In addition to the featured news channels above, Marguerite Schultz is also a contributor to Thrive Global where she shares insights from Psychology regarding thriving in life roles. 

"This course content is GOLD!"

I loved how the science was broken down into
practical examples. Loved the quizzes too.
This course content is GOLD.

Daniela M, Australia

Let me show you what's inside...

Here's what's waiting for you inside when you join

The Happy Mum Roadmap...

Module 1

An Introduction to YOU

  • Learn about your wise inner parent so that you can talk to yourself with kindness and encouragement and banish the guilt and shame
  • Learn about your inner adult and how to get that part in the driving seat.  Your inner adult is the part of you who loves to get boring jobs like taxes done.  Let me show you how to access this asset inside you so that you can be on top of the adulting jobs in your life and reduce your stress  
  • Learn about your inner child so that you can express yourself in joy, spontaneity and creativity.  This side of you loves to play and be spontaneous and will allow you to live from a place of joy and passion

Module 2

Tame Your Thinking

  • Learn to upgrade your thoughts so that you can like who you are again 
  • Learn which common thought traps to watch out for so that you are not caught out and left feeling awful as a result 
  • Learn the benefits of managing fear so that you can make decisions with confidence and increase your self esteem

Module 3

Run your Body like a Boss

  • Learn about the changes that happen physically and psychologically after having kids and what you can do about it
  • Learn some quick hacks that will help you to run your body well so that you can be proud of the skin you are in
  • Learn about the link between your first and second brain (the gut) so that you can manage your stress effectively and stop living in overwhelm 

Module 4

Love and Manage those Big Feelings 

  • Learn what is needed to manage feelings so that you and your child can be in sync and really understand each other
  • Learn how to get unstuck when BIG emotions show up
  • Learn how to deal with feelings like anger and anxiety so that they don't take over your world and stop you from living in joy and peace 

Module 5

Learn how to Belong 

  • Learn about the link between attachment and belonging so that you can feel loved, seen, included and valued in your life 
  • Learn the 4 ways of attaching so that all of your belonging needs are met and you no longer feel alone and isolated
  • Learn some easy ways to build your world so that you know that you have a caring village around you when you face trying times 

Module 6

Bonus Content

  • Learn about the 4 parenting styles and how to pick the right one so that you are confident in your parenting choices and can stop beating yourself up or second guessing the choices you make around boundaries, privileges etc. 
  • Learn about the 5 love languages so that you can know with confidence that you are filling your child's tank well - goodbye guilt
  • Learn how to manage those moments when you just feel stuck so that you are no longer crushed with helplessness and worry 

Some techniques that are covered in the modules include ...


  so that your home runs peacefully and is filled with laughter and fun (without the regular meltdowns)


rather than reacting. This means living a life of regulated emotions and actually being in charge of your thoughts and responses, rather than being reactive and dysregulated.


and the life changing power that comes when those connections are nurtured 

and regulate your emotions so that you are in charge of your thoughts (rather than your thoughts being in charge of you)

So, how much is my investment?

Before we jump into discussing your investment, let me ask you a question?

How much is your well-being and the well-being your family worth to you?

As a mum, I would assume, a LOT, right?

Because let’s be honest…

You ARE EVERYTHING TO YOUR KIDS…and your family is everything to you…

It's normal and okay that as mums we can get lost in the chaos of it all, sidetracked from our intended motherhood path…

And it's wonderful that you know something needs change to get you to your best self…

As mums, we often don't invest in ourselves due to time or money and I hear this often as a first worry or roadblock to change…

If we talk about cost, the average therapy session with a COMPETENT psychologist  who you want to spend ongoing time with …

costs around $200 per session. We also know that on average people are seeing their therapist for multiple sessions to implement and galvanize change and to see improvements and feel the difference in their day to day lives…

This means….

People are investing approximately $2000 to a good psychologist to get the results you want and this is a very worthwhile investment but not one that EVERYONE can afford to make.

In my +- two decades of clinical experience,  I have found that there are certain psychological truths that I share with each client - tools and techniques that CONSISTENTLY get them the results they want to see, and they are the same truths that I am sharing here

That’s why I created this course...

When I had to close my waitlist from being overbooked, I didnt want to stop sharing these principles with mums and so I wrote the techniques and tools up into a system to access online, for mums who just cant get to someone like me ... 

...they may be too remote to access a therapist or

.... may be running a tight budget for now...

...or might just be too busy running the whole family around to find daytime hours for themselves to fit a series of  appointments in. 

Even though The Happy Mom Roadmap is worth $2000…my goal is to make this gold available to mums like you and me …

That's why, you can enroll in the program today for only $77 (for 3 monthly installments)…

In other words…

For half the price of ONE therapy session, you can access and implement the exact same truths I am sharing one on one with my mum clients. 

Now, I am in no way saying this should replace therapy if you need to process unique stressors or pain that requires unpacking with a therapist...this you should definitely do ...

what I am saying is that the work I cover with clients, the work that creates change in them, well, it is packaged neatly here for you in the system taught in The Happy Mum Roadmap and I would love to have you in it. 

Join The Happy Mum Roadmap (value $2000)

Just 3 Installments of $77

(just $77 today)

Or save $34 when investing in full!

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"I'm so much less overwhelmed and I no longer getting stuck in
repetitive, unhealthy thoughts!"

I'm so amazed by how it is really possible to take charge of my thoughts! I'm noticing negative thoughts throughout each day and challenging the thoughts asking myself if it's true, then I reframe the thought accordingly. This has been allowing me to feel much less overwhelmed and able to move forward with action rather than getting stuck in repetitive unhelpful thoughts and overthinking!!

Liz H, Australia

TWO Bonuses for Early Action Takers! 

When you sign up this week, in addition to the course valued at $2000, you will ALSO get access to the following two bonuses COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

As mums, we need time saving ways of connecting deeply with our family in a way that fills their tanks effectively but also leaves us leftover time to do other things.

And so for your first free bonus ... I have created a personalized inventory to map out the short cuts to your child's heart and love tanks.  This works, even on busy days!

This resource will save you time and leave you feeling good (and dare I say a little proud perhaps), KNOWING that you are meeting your little person's needs EFFECTIVELY.    There is even an additional section that you can explore further if you would like to on your child's enneagram, information that I have personally found really valuable.  Later you can give this resource to them as an adult keepsake which they can treasure forever!   How much would you have loved to receive one of these from your parent, knowing they had gone to so much intentional effort when you were a child to really meet you right in the core of your heart!

For your second free bonus , I have curated an original resource on how to harness the essentials of mindfulness into your day to day life.  Mindfulness really does deliver what it promises when it comes to keeping calm even in moments of total chaos so that you can still be the mum and woman you are proud of, normal days or "extra" days.  This resource makes the application of mindfulness really easy and a game changer for you AND your family ! This is a no brainer - ENJOY these freebies!

HMR Sales
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I want you to be completely satisfied with the program. If you are not satisfied with your results, I’m happy to provide you with a full refund. You have 60 days 100% money back guarantee!


Can you imagine...

the fun filled and peaceful home this would create for you and your family??

And the best part - it’s designed specifically for busy mums like you

You will get practical resources (not just textbook theory) because the science is explained by a Clinical Psychologist who is also a mum. A mum who knows that tools need to be easy to apply on the run. This means that you will
have skills in your toolbox to use as you go about your day to day life.

Imagine a life where you are equipped and no longer overwhelmed by stress and reactivity.  

A life where you’re in total control of your emotions, you’re feeling confident in your parenting and you’re feeling  fulfilled as a woman again.

It’s all waiting for you inside the Happy Mum Roadmap.

"I've become a more positive, nurturing and compassionate mum!"

 Thanks so much for modeling how to have kind, self compassionate and positive thinking throughout the course. Just being able to observe this has been super helpful and I've felt that positive, nurturing parent type self talk has been coming much more easily to me as a result!

Elizabeth, Australia

Now you have a choice...

You can continue doing what you’re doing...

▶ pulling together random advice from the internet and not really getting anywhere.

▶ hiding in the cupboard from your kiddo’s at dinnertime because you just need a few seconds of silence (been there).

buying all the self help books you can and spending hours doing the research and trying to extract the main points.

▶  seeking help from a 1:1 counsellor or psychologist for THOUSANDS of dollars. 


Or you can join the Happy Mum Roadmap today

for only $2000 $77 

"As a fellow Psychologist and mum, I have to say, I LOVE YOUR WORK!"

"The way you normalize those difficult mum moments is profoundly helpful, and the way you simplify key concepts into little take-home strategies and tools is brilliant."

Bianca P, Australia

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It’s time to make a choice.

You can do nothing and nothing changes.

But if you know deep down, that you want a life where you feel happy as a mum, where your home is filled with laughter and joy,

... a life where you don’t feel burnt out, exhausted and overwhelmed every day and you can actually start showing up with JOY ….

then the choice is obvious.

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Join us inside The Happy Mum Roadmap and start your transformation to the mum and woman you truly want to be.

"I absolutely LOVE this course!"

Jarvis - Oh How I ❤️ Thee (1) I absolutely love this course already, the way you explain things really does stick and I am learning so much already and I have just started!

Kim R, Australia

Join The Happy Mum Roadmap  (value $2000)

Just 3 Installments of $77

(just $77 today)

Or save $34 when investing in full!

"This content is invaluable!"

Jarvis - Oh How I ❤️ Thee (1) Marguerite is the queen of keeping it real! Her knowledge is invaluable, inspiring, easy to relate to and is delivered in a gentle and completely achievable way.

Jane G, Australia

"The way you normalize those difficult Mum moments is profoundly helpful"

Jarvis - Oh How I ❤️ Thee (1) As a fellow psychologist and mum, I have to say, I love your work!! The way you normalize those difficult Mum moments is profoundly helpful. And the way you simplify key concepts into little take home messages, strategies and tools is brilliant.

Bianca P, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions


A 6-week, “no frills” system that delivers the best gold nuggets of psychology in an easy way to use and understand so that you can:

  • heal parent burnout and restore your connection with your child
  • secure balance in the pillars that make you up as a woman so that you can show up well daily 
  • feel joy and confidence in your parenting and stop feeling like you’re messing it all up 
  • learn how to become the best mum and the best YOU that you can be! 


I made this program specifically for busy mums who don't have time for much! It will take you less than 10 minutes a day to watch the videos and start making small changes in your lifestyle to experience the BIG impact this program will have on your life.


Individual therapy is always wonderful but where this program adds more value is that you can go through it again and again until the changes have really taken hold.  The principles taught here are ones that I share in almost all my therapy sessions and you are able to access the same truths here to implement alongside your own therapy or on their own if you are not seeing a therapist currently. The information offered here should of course never replace your own personal medical advice but I have made these principles accessible at a far lower cost than covering them across multiple therapy sessions. The lessons are designed to be consumed in your own time, at your own pace, for as many times as you need to to get the changes really integrated into your day-to-day life.


This program is for busy mums who are stuck in the constant spinning wheels of stress, burnout, exhaustion and mum guilt... mums  who don't have all the time in the world to figure out how to get out of stuckness and into freedom and joy. If this is you, trust me, you're in the right place.


You will have LIFETIME access to the course. This means you can go through the program and come back to it in a month or two to refresh everything you've learned or maybe discover something new!


I want you to be completely satisfied. You have a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.  If at any time you decide it’s not for you, just send us your refund request at and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Testimonial 1 (15) (1)

"I feel like I’ve found the missing treasure"

I feel like I’ve found the missing treasure🏆🎰 or piece of the jigsaw as to “ how to live and thrive”!🎯 If I had to distill the entire experience down to what has helped me most … well… it would have to be “treat and nurture myself as I would a child". I have been studying self compassion for so long but this analogy, picture of “my inner child” was magic! Being shown what to do with emotions… 4 steps, the last step to share… “lips or pencil tips”… this sure packed a punch! ANTS and their automatic nature spoke volumes to me as well. Lastly Marguerite thank you for giving me permission to seek and have fun 🤩

Kerry B, Australia

Join The Happy Mum Roadmap (value $2000)

Just 3 Installments of $77

(just $77 today)

Or save $34 when investing in full!